Coolest November Games for iPad

Looking for new games to play on your iPad? November has come, and we guess it’s time to update our best iPad games list for this month.

You already know Angry Birds game. It has been popular ever since it was launched. We couldn’t create our list without it, because it is presented in the Top Charts in iTunes, and many iPad users from all over the world continue downloading and enjoying it. The Halloween version of this game, even though Halloween is over, has also become popular.

Besides this, our list presents a famous American card game called UNO, and several iPad games for people who like to think critically (create words) or enjoy their leisure time with such games as Medieval, Empire Story, and Cut the Rope...

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Chinese Teen Lost Kidney for the iPad 2

According to reports, the teenager who’s only identified for a nickname “Zheng confessed to her mother that he found his organ buyer online. After an agreement the boy is said to have travelled to Chenzhou city in Hunan Province where the removal of his kidney was performed. The local hospital discharged the boy after three days and paid him a sum of RMB 22,000 for his kidney.

During an interview, the boy admitted to be very fascinated with the second-gen iTablet, but did not have the money to purchase it. “When I surfed the internet I found an advert posted online by agent saying they were able to pay RMB 20,000 to buy a kidney,” he said.

Selling of organs through the internet is rampant in China. The government claimed to have done its best to stop the trade, but failed...

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Children Want iPad for Them, Not for You

Charlotte Stapleton, 3, from Arlington, VA, has a certain daily routine working with an iPhone. The girl’s tiny fingers swipe through her Halloween photos as a dinosaur, videos with Peyton, her younger sister, Nickelodeon’s famous Victorious series and the girls starts running and hopping around the room gleefully. Charlotte’s parents have seen it so many times before.

The girl got acquainted with the iPhone when she was only 1 year old she would sit beside the device, unlock it and spend much time in front of it.

Now she is interacting with one of her most favorite apps that is the animated video of The Wheels on the Bus...

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Bike Baron (Xmas Update) for iPad – one of the best Platformers

Bike Baron isn’t a new iPad game but since it had an update during the 2011 Christmas period it seemed worth reviewing one of my biggest time wasters 🙂 . The game is a platformer with its own level editor. It’s set in a cartoon 3D world made of ramps, jumps loops ice, pumpkins and sheep if that makes any sense. There are two characters the Bike Baron himself (along with his long suffering cat) and Domovoi a monster chef, bear with me.

The aim is to get to the finish and ultimately get three stars, this can in some cases be done in a single attempt but most of the time it’s going to take a few times to complete them . This is because you need to beat a specific time, or maybe two times, smash up all the pumpkins, collect all the coins or get to the finish without crashing...

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5 Most Admired Free iPad Games of May Play Non…

Despite the fact it’s June now we want you to know which iPad games were the top in May. Lots of users have downloaded them to prove they are worth your time.

Since all these most popular iPad games are free, you lose nothing if you download them just in case. You can start playing them and quit if you don’t like what you get. Or you can have hours of fun and play them with your family and friends anywhere you go.

Here is our list of 5 most admired free iPad games of May that were of extreme demand among iTunes users last month. As always, you already know such titles as Angry Birds. This free iPad game is a true winner. It has won millions of hearts in many countries around the world in less than a year.

1. Strike Knight HD: This arcade bowling game has become immensely popular...

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Monopoly Here and Now, World Edition for iPad, Multiplayer Game

Monopoly Here and Now world edition for iPad came as quite a surprise. Mainly this is because of the quality and depth of this game. It’s unlikely that you have never had any experience with Monopoly, but to sum it up the name says it all, your objective is to have a Monopoly of properties on the board in order to extract rent from other players and put them out of business. There are three main assets which are locations, transportation and power sources. Get a group of locations of the same color and they combine in rent when a player lands on them. Add value to the locations by adding houses and hotels which can dramatically increase the rent.

When the iPad app loads, you are given a whole host of options before you can begin to play. Start by choosing your mode...

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Mario Kart Game for iPad has a Clone

Oh my goodness! There’s no doubt that we all love Mario Kart game for iPad, and we grew up with it in a number of different incarnations, that’s why this is really frustrating.

For those who don’t know, Mario Kart game for iPad is the best thing for entertainment and having a great time! The game is rather addicting and grabs lots of your free time, as it’s impossible to stop playing. So, it was not a surprise that someone decided to create a clone of Mario Kart game for iPad.

Mole Kart that can be downloaded from the App Store, is actually what can best be described as a copy of Mario Kart game for iPad. That is, it is pretty much Mario Kart game for iPad, but it doesn’t have buttery smooth animated graphics and Nintendo style...

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List of Top Siri Alternatives Worth Trying

Since being released Siri has been a mainstay in the technology news. However for the majority, Apple’s Siri Assistant was only officially supported on the new iPhone 4S – leaving some iPad, iPod touch and users of older iPhones feeling a little underhanded.

A week ago we posted about new AssistantConnect Cydia Tweak that can help you in such situation. It lets you easily share Siri on iPad or iPhone earlier model. So we desided to compile a list of the top Siri alternatives, permitting you to enjoy a Siri-like experience whether you have iPad 2 or an iPhone apart from the 4S.


This one of the personified Siri alternatives is very similar to the real deal, it purports to offer a lot more than the fruit company’s version...

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Hulu Plus iPad App Review

Hulu Plus is a new free iPad application, which comes with a $9.95 monthly service charge. There are numerous ways to watch TV and movies on your iPad . So, this app streams great TV episodes from different shows. Hulu Plus on iPad is professional quality TV which offers a deeper catalog of shows and a higher maximum resolution. You can see all the seasons from Fox, Grey’s Anatomy, The Simpsons, 30 Rock and many other programs. If you miss great old Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, Desperate Housewives, etc., you can enjoy them as well. There are hundreds of titles to choose from!

Hulu Plus on iPad, however, lets you access movies of higher quality such as Clerks, Cop Land, Pulp Fiction, and Trainspotting...

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Fox News iPad App

If your a fan of Fox News then having access to all the latest information and being able to select your favorite show segments will certainly prove useful. The app is essentially a portal to Foxes content. The main section of the screen holds each article or video rotating on a horizontal carrousel ever 5-10 seconds. That combined with the news ticker gives the feeling that the information provided on the Fox News iPad App is both current and relevant. Whilst initially having the majority of the main screen moving was a distraction at turned out to be a blessing since it meant that your presented with more content than you may have originally been intending to view. This gives a broader appeal than just looking at the same old business section and adds to this apps enjoyment.

The Fox News...

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