5 Most Admired Free iPad Games of May Play Non…

Despite the fact it’s June now we want you to know which iPad games were the top in May. Lots of users have downloaded them to prove they are worth your time.

Since all these most popular iPad games are free, you lose nothing if you download them just in case. You can start playing them and quit if you don’t like what you get. Or you can have hours of fun and play them with your family and friends anywhere you go.

Here is our list of 5 most admired free iPad games of May that were of extreme demand among iTunes users last month. As always, you already know such titles as Angry Birds. This free iPad game is a true winner. It has won millions of hearts in many countries around the world in less than a year.

1. Strike Knight HD: This arcade bowling game has become immensely popular. Just think about it. It has been downloaded over 8 million times! No wonder Backflip Studios made it finally available for the iPad users.

Of course, not everybody finds this free game highly addictive. But people play it and a lot of them like it. You can practice your skills in avoiding the knight’s heckling. Time your shots, pick up strikes and you’ll score more points.

The graphics are not so stunning. But Strike Knight HD allows up to 4 players to be involved in pass-and-play mode. You can replay as many times as you like.

2. Call of Atlantis HD: This one of the most admired free iPad games of May is a combination of adventures and Match-3. Some players even call it one of the best ports ever.

Call of Atlantis offers over 60 levels and seven ancient lands with interesting facts to learn about them. You can proceed through amazing quests, search for hidden objects and explore the ancient Troy, Egypt, Babylon, Rome and Greece. Don’t forget to get your hands on mysterious crystals of power to save the continent.

The graphics are great, the effects are superb. What else to wish for?

3. Angry Birds HD Free: Every time we are searching iTunes for the best free games for the iPad, Angry Birds is on our top list. Why? This game is just an amazing one that keeps on attracting more and more iPad users who eventually fall in love with it.

Angry Birds HD Free has 15 levels and 5 mini episodes that aren’t presented in the original paid version. Green pigs, as you remember, like to steal eggs that belong to our Angry Birds. Your goal is to destroy the pigs’ castles and protect the Birds.

You can replay many times to improve your skills and logic, since this iPad game is a physics-based one.

4. Mr Giggle HD Lite: It’s another iPad game that has become of the most admired free iPad games of May by reaching over 2 millions downloads.

The Lite version is limited to fifteenth level, but you can still share your records with other gamers via Game Center network.

The rules are so simple that you can learn them in less than a minute. Take a quick look at a short introduction and you’ll understand how to play Mr Giggle HD Lite. Your task is to build one-colored shapes by moving rows and columns. If you manage to match several shapes in just one move, you’ll earn a lot of points.

5. Crayola ColorStudio HD: This children’s game is loved by both kids and parents. For now people have reported crashing issues, but the developer is working hard on an update that should fix all the problems.

In order to play Crayola ColorStudio HD your iPad has to run iOS 4.3. And if you wish to unlock all the game’s features, you should get the Crayola iMarker stylus.

Your iPad will be turned into a coloring book once you install this free children’s game. Your kids will love to color, draw and paint different pictures. They are even able to design their own pages using built-in clip art and animations and print their masterpieces or share them on the social networks.

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