Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader review

A free, reliable and trusted app, Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to view, annotate and sign PDF files in an easy and hassle-free way. You can open a PDF file at any time in your phone with the app and read it bold and clear. 

Interface and Design 8/10

The app boast of a gentle design with a simple interface. On opening the app, you are welcomed by a list of PDFs that you either have recently read, signed or edited. The other crucial functions are elegantly listed in the side menu which opens with a simple tap on the home button located at the top left corner. While the home screen has a side menu and search option, the app lists various other functions in the bottom once the PDF file has been opened.

Key Functions 9/10

If you are looking for an easy way to view, sign and manage all your PDFs, Adobe Acrobat Reader is here to end your search. Once in the reading mode, the app offers a powerful search functionality which quickly scans the entire document to find the word or phrase you have asked it to look for.

By spreading your any two fingers in opposite direction, you can zoom-in the document and read it comfortably.  To enhance the reading experience, the app offers continuous read mode, single page read mode and night mode.

When it comes to keeping a track of important points in the PDF, the app helps you by offering the function of the highlighter. You can highlight a word, phrase or a paragraph and color code the same. You can also have a sticky note along with it with your customized message. If your gadget supports a stylus, you can use it for even greater highlighting precision.

Usability 9/10

In case, you are looking for a scanner to scan your documents, you can use the app for the same purpose. It uses device’s rear camera to snap a document, form, whiteboard, etc. and save it in the PDF format. You can even scan multiple pages and arrange them as per your needs.

The Adobe Acrobat App lets you fill a PDF format form directly in its interface without making you take its printout. The app is quite useful when a PDF document needs your sign over it. Just use your finger or stylus to sign on the dotted lines or upload your signature from your stored files and place it in the PDF document with the help of the app.

To be sure that your documents are stored in a secure place, you can choose various cloud storages from the app to store your files. These cloud storages are Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

Cross Platform Use 9/10

iOS, Android, and Windows are the operating systems that the app supports. It also supports various devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets, etc.

The Verdict

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is free to use and comes packed with functions that let you view and edit PDF easily. There is also a paid version of the same app that even allows you to convert your PDFs into word files. The subscription syncs with your device seamlessly and lets you efficiently deal with your PDFs.

Whether you subscribe to the paid version or continue with the free version, the Adobe Acrobat Reader app offers you excellent utilities and functions to deal with your PDFs.


  • Neat and Elegant Interface Scan Documents Directly from your Device E-Signing Functionality


  • Multi-Tasking is a Challenge with this App Opened PDF Convert Feature only in Premium Version
Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 9
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 9