Bike Baron (Xmas Update) for iPad – one of the best Platformers

Bike Baron isn’t a new iPad game but since it had an update during the 2011 Christmas period it seemed worth reviewing one of my biggest time wasters 🙂 . The game is a platformer with its own level editor. It’s set in a cartoon 3D world made of ramps, jumps loops ice, pumpkins and sheep if that makes any sense. There are two characters the Bike Baron himself (along with his long suffering cat) and Domovoi a monster chef, bear with me.

The aim is to get to the finish and ultimately get three stars, this can in some cases be done in a single attempt but most of the time it’s going to take a few times to complete them . This is because you need to beat a specific time, or maybe two times, smash up all the pumpkins, collect all the coins or get to the finish without crashing. In that sense it’s more involved than Angry Birds because the objectives maybe very dissimilar to one another yet it still has the addictiveness. It takes practice to master how to land jumps without being thrown clear of your bike or exploding on a barrel.

The controls for Bike Baron are simple go and stop with one thumb versus rotate left or right on the other. Nothing too complicated to frustrate you until you start trying to balance on various objects dotted around the courses. It can be fast and there are certain levels like Death Race in the medium category that involves a lot of fast vertical falling being chased by tumbling blocks. The faster you go the easier it is to get unbalanced, crash and lose time.

Bike Baron uses physics beautifully whether it’s teeter-tots or falling blocks. All the levels are crafted in such a way as to take advantage of this and you’ll soon find your addicted to it. When you have completed all the levels go online to download more or create your own and share them. Also since its Game Center enabled you’ll be able to compare your score with your friends or the world.

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