Chinese Teen Lost Kidney for the iPad 2

According to reports, the teenager who’s only identified for a nickname “Zheng confessed to her mother that he found his organ buyer online. After an agreement the boy is said to have travelled to Chenzhou city in Hunan Province where the removal of his kidney was performed. The local hospital discharged the boy after three days and paid him a sum of RMB 22,000 for his kidney.

During an interview, the boy admitted to be very fascinated with the second-gen iTablet, but did not have the money to purchase it. “When I surfed the internet I found an advert posted online by agent saying they were able to pay RMB 20,000 to buy a kidney,” he said.

Selling of organs through the internet is rampant in China. The government claimed to have done its best to stop the trade, but failed. Last year, it has been reported that “transplant tourists” spent £50,000 to a kidney donor in China.
Statistic show that more than one million Chinese need organ transplant every year, but less than 10 thousand of them are lucky enough to get their donors, pushing people to resort to illegal organ buying.

According to the mother of the boy her son returned with a a laptop and an iPad 2. The boy got complications from the operation and told his mother what happened. The hospital who said to have negotiated with a businessman denied its connection with the surgery.

What happened stirred opinions and debates among people, and bring criticisms to the government of China for its failure to stop illegal selling of organs in the country. Some Chinese think it’s better to promote morality in the country specially to the young people.

Young Chinese considered the possession of an Apple product a status of sophistication and wealth. Shoppers are said to have fought outside Beijing Apple Stores just to get their second-gen iTablet and white iPhone 4.

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