Coolest November Games for iPad

Looking for new games to play on your iPad? November has come, and we guess it’s time to update our best iPad games list for this month.

You already know Angry Birds game. It has been popular ever since it was launched. We couldn’t create our list without it, because it is presented in the Top Charts in iTunes, and many iPad users from all over the world continue downloading and enjoying it. The Halloween version of this game, even though Halloween is over, has also become popular.

Besides this, our list presents a famous American card game called UNO, and several iPad games for people who like to think critically (create words) or enjoy their leisure time with such games as Medieval, Empire Story, and Cut the Rope. We hope that some of these games will find a place on your iPad’s home screen. Have fun playing!

1. UNO HD, $0.99: This game is currently on sale. And, instead of buying a new card deck, you and your three friends can gather around the table and enjoy UNO with just a single iPad. There is a cool One Device mode that supports multiplayer. And, you can always connect iPhone and other iDevices via Wi-Fi to experience the same mode. You are able to also go online and play with people from all over the world 24 hours 7 days a week. Just try to be the first one to get rid of all your cards, and you are the winner!

Great news for those who don’t speak English. Uno for iPad also supports Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian and French. To install this game, you need to have iOS 3.2 or later installed on your gadget.

2. Words With Friends HD, free: Are you a word worm? Do you enjoy playing crossword games and creating words? In both cases this game is definitely for you. You can play it with your friends or choose a random opponent. If you don’t have an account, it is easy to log in, because the game created your account automatically when you enter your e-mail.

The rules are simple. You have to form words exchanging turns with your opponent. You can form words vertically or horizontally on the board. And you earn scores for each word, so be creating to score as many points as possible. Your first word should be placed in a way to have one of your tiles on the star in the center of the board. And all next words should share at least one tile from an existing word. You can’t create proper nouns, abbreviations and words with an apostrophe.

3. Cut the Rope HD, $1.99: You receive a package with a strange creature inside who loves candies. The monster’s name is Om Nom, and your goal is now to feed him. You can’t just buy him candies. No way. You have to solve puzzles and bring him sweets in such an innovative way. Use candies to touch the golden stars to earn more points, and remember to cut the ropes. Double think before slicing, and watch for your enemies.

You need to be fast, and bring the candy to Om Nom as quickly as possible. This game is much fun.

4. Angry Birds HD, $4.99 and Angry Birds Halloween HD, $1.99: I don’t know if we should describe this game all over again. We have places several reviews on Angry Birds, so you can just check them out and see if this game is worth playing. Personally I enjoy it, as it is not easy to reach your goal. I never know how far my bird would fly, and how many steps it will take me to finish the level. So it’s always fun to create a new strategy and send my bird to a particular distance. What about you?

5. Empire Story, free: Use your imagination to build a strong empire. You can use temples, add an arena, build your own Coliseum and other wonders. Use decorations suggested by the game, ask your friends to become your neighbors and sell goods to earn points and become a real king or a queen.

To download this game, you are required to have iOS 3.0 or later installed on your iPad. The game is only 12.0 MB so it won’t take too much of your space.

6. Medieval HD Lite, free: This game has reached one million downloads in over 40 world’s countries. It has been updated recently, and you can now upgrade your castle, if you used to play this game before.

If English is not your native tongue, you can choose the texts in the game to be in Russian, German, French or Spanish. Anyways, as soon as you build your castle, defend it by shooting pesky balloons that attack you.

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