Fox News iPad App

If your a fan of Fox News then having access to all the latest information and being able to select your favorite show segments will certainly prove useful. The app is essentially a portal to Foxes content. The main section of the screen holds each article or video rotating on a horizontal carrousel ever 5-10 seconds. That combined with the news ticker gives the feeling that the information provided on the Fox News iPad App is both current and relevant. Whilst initially having the majority of the main screen moving was a distraction at turned out to be a blessing since it meant that your presented with more content than you may have originally been intending to view. This gives a broader appeal than just looking at the same old business section and adds to this apps enjoyment.

The Fox News iPad app can viewed in both portrait or landscape. Portrait tends to work better at presenting text articles whilst landscape is best for the video style of content. The lower portion of the main screen is the way to target and search for various articles. A set of icons on the left can be turned on or off to select only video content, articles or slide shows. Around midway on the screen is a menu bar giving options to select all content, FCN program’s, favourites articles or slide shows and playlisted videos. This helps to personalise the experience and showcase the prime Fox News programmes. The app has social features as you would expectant via logging in with either twitter or Facebook you have the ability to start sharing out your content directly from the app.

It’s not finished there though, the Fox News iPad app has one final trick up it sleeve with Fox News Radio. Positioned at the top right of the screen is a radio icon that does kind of resemble a camera, click this and listen via Internet radio to the Fox News Radio channel. Whilst it doesn’t let you access previous shows it gives a full schedule run down or what’s coming up whilst you listen live.

The app is clean and appealing, all the content you would expect from a News app is there, the videos stream well and the options for storing interesting content in playlists or favouriting for later reading makes good sense. The advertising is unobtrusive with a small footer on the main page and intros to each video along with the occasional feature but it’s the ease of accessing the content that shines. A good effort and a good download.

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