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Bike Baron (Xmas Update) for iPad – one of the best Platformers

Bike Baron isn’t a new iPad game but since it had an update during the 2011 Christmas period it seemed worth reviewing one of my biggest time wasters 🙂 . The game is a platformer with its own level editor. It’s set in a cartoon 3D world made of ramps, jumps loops ice, pumpkins and sheep if that makes any sense. There are two characters the Bike Baron himself (along with his long suffering cat) and Domovoi a monster chef, bear with me.

The aim is to get to the finish and ultimately get three stars, this can in some cases be done in a single attempt but most of the time it’s going to take a few times to complete them . This is because you need to beat a specific time, or maybe two times, smash up all the pumpkins, collect all the coins or get to the finish without crashing...

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Monopoly Here and Now, World Edition for iPad, Multiplayer Game

Monopoly Here and Now world edition for iPad came as quite a surprise. Mainly this is because of the quality and depth of this game. It’s unlikely that you have never had any experience with Monopoly, but to sum it up the name says it all, your objective is to have a Monopoly of properties on the board in order to extract rent from other players and put them out of business. There are three main assets which are locations, transportation and power sources. Get a group of locations of the same color and they combine in rent when a player lands on them. Add value to the locations by adding houses and hotels which can dramatically increase the rent.

When the iPad app loads, you are given a whole host of options before you can begin to play. Start by choosing your mode...

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X-Plane 9 for iPad

X-Plane 9 for iPad is a flight simulator offering 22 different locations to choose from. The quality of the graphics is far better than its iPhone equivilant, there are more buildings a longer field of vision and many more aircraft, so many in fact I gave up counting after 40. It’s not limited to flying around though, there are modern fighters and classic warbirds ready for dogfighting. You can even land a NASA Space Shuttle from Orbit. Other variants include Gliders, Helicopters, Seaplanes and rocket powered x-planes. The best plane for your first flight will be the Cessna 172 since you can get basic instructions on take off including, power and flap settings. This gives you the basics that transfer on to most other aircraft except undercarriage...

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Zen Pinball for iPad Free and Multiplayer Game

Zen Pinball for IPad is a single or multiplayer game played from a single iPad. In multiplayer mode upto 4 players can take consecutive turns. Unlike other pinball games, Zen pinball offers a highly immersive experience which includes a variety of small task-based games to complete instead of just knocking the pinball about for points. Downloading this as a free app gives you pinball game board ‘The Sorcerers Lair” but in-app purchases allow you to purchase further games principally Marvel Comic boards.

Loading up the game you are given the option for single or ‘hotseat’ (multiplayer mode) where you can choose either two three or four players per game. Once you’re into the main game screen you see the pinball table which can either be viewed in landscape or portrait mode...

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Textastic the text source code editor with FTP for iPad

At present there aren’t a whole load of source code editors on the iPad but one that is worth considering is Textastic. It’s part source code editor part FTP client (also supporting WebDAV sFTP, iDisk and of course Dropbox access). So it’s a good fit for people who like to edit websites on the move, it even has code hinting for object orientated languages like C++ but for most people it’s going to be CSS, Php and JavaScript and SQL which is going to make it a worthwhile download.

Load the app up and you get a fairly plain to column layout the left hand column offers a file list whilst the bigger right hand side is your editing area conveniently including line numbering. It’s not cluttered with code short cuts or options just a straight forward set of top and bottom toolbar options...

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