Hulu Plus iPad App Review

Hulu Plus is a new free iPad application, which comes with a $9.95 monthly service charge. There are numerous ways to watch TV and movies on your iPad . So, this app streams great TV episodes from different shows. Hulu Plus on iPad is professional quality TV which offers a deeper catalog of shows and a higher maximum resolution. You can see all the seasons from Fox, Grey’s Anatomy, The Simpsons, 30 Rock and many other programs. If you miss great old Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, Desperate Housewives, etc., you can enjoy them as well. There are hundreds of titles to choose from!

Hulu Plus on iPad, however, lets you access movies of higher quality such as Clerks, Cop Land, Pulp Fiction, and Trainspotting. Netflix’s streaming movie library excels here, offering an even deeper catalog of recognizable flicks (such as Do the Right Thing and Zombieland).

Navigating the app is simple and intuitive. The interface will ring familiar if you’ve used the browser-based version of Hulu, as it keeps the Main, TV, Movies, Queue, Featured, Most Popular, and Recently Added tabs. Tapping a TV or movie thumbnail gives you the option to watch it, add it to your queue, or go to the program’s page with in-depth information.

Hulu Plus on iPad is very capable mobile video service. It, for the most part, gives you everything that the free, browser-based Hulu Plus (Free, 4 stars) offers, but with the benefit of more content. The free, basic Hulu service launched in March 2008, lets you view the last five episodes of a particular show, but Hulu Plus iPad app lets you view entire back seasons, better movies, and Hulu Plus exclusive programming—this alone makes this worth the price of admission.

Hulu Plus is much easier to navigate and has far better video quality than, for example, Netflix. But with Netflix, you can see a wider variety of popular shows and movies without dealing with ads. However, Hulu Plus gives you the ability to watch the full season of a current season you can’t get on Netflix. Hulu Plus iPad app doesn’t designate shows as SD or HD. The Hulu iPad app has multiple bit rate support, so it will serve up the best video as determined by wireless network speed, but you can’t manually tweak it. Still, it looked sharper than Netflix’s visuals.

The only Hulu iPad app minus is that it gives you some amount of ads and doesn’t make episodes available earlier than the free service. However, it streams content in 720p HD (when available), while the highest quality offered for the free version of Hulu is 480p.

Should You get and subscribe to Hulu Plus for iPad? Definitely yes if you are the Tv show person. Hulu Plus on iPad is an app that is highly recommended to those who want to stay on top of current TV shows. And it is worth to subscribe for $9.95/month.

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