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imo free video calls and chat review

Imo has one job, and it does it well – it is a solid app for free chatting and video calls. It is relatively simple. One might even call it a bit too narrow, but hey, if you are looking for an excellent chatting experience, why go the extra mile for a couple of cool but useless features?

Interface and Design – 8/10

Imo is a pretty clean app that chooses to stray away from white noise in favor of letting users focus on the essential features of a video streaming app. I’d even say that the interface is similar to that of Google products that are known for respecting white space and on-screen real estate. 

Key Functions – 9/10

As I’ve said above, Imo has one job, and it focuses all of its efforts on excelling at it. The application supports real-time video calls with up to 20 members, which is twice as much as the acclaimed Hangouts can handle. 

Imo is also compatible with all major networks from 2 to 4G and Wi-Fi. This makes the app an excellent choice for residents from countries with poor mobile web coverage. 

The app supports voice messages and allows one to share large files with friends over the internet quickly. In addition to that, Imo groups can support up to 1000 members at once. These chats are free to use custom stickers, smiley faces, and emoji. 

Imo’s cost efficiency deserves honorable mention among the app’s features as the zipping algorithms allow you to share and store large volumes of data without overspending on mobile data. Free international calls are a sweet cherry on the icing of Imo’s friendly attitude towards its user base. 

Usability – 9/10

Imo is one of the simplest messaging apps when it comes to navigating through chats and contacts. That being said, the file manager interface may need a touch or two. You’ll probably lose a couple of shared files over the time of using Imo, but hey, did you need that guy’s cat pick in your life?

Cross-Platform Use – 9/10

Imo is available for download on both the Android App Store and iTunes, so you don’t have to worry about connecting to those of your friends who own a different smartphone. One might say that the absence of a desktop version is a - and they would be correct as with Imo’s group chats, it would make for one hell of a collaboration tool - but how often do you chat on your PC or laptop for personal use anyway? 

The Verdict

Imo is a great app for chatting and video calls that is not limited by the excessive functionality of multi-purpose solutions.


  • Great speed and quality of the video
  • Support of up to 20 people in group calls
  • Support of up to 1000 people in a group chat.


  • Clunky file management system.
Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 9
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 9


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