JW Library

JW Library review

The JW Library app is an interface developed officially by Jehova’s Witnesses, and provides a wide variety of translations of the Bible, as well as a large number of books and other digital written material intended for Bible study.

Interface and Design 7/10

The interface and design of the JW Library app is neat and organized, without anything highly technical taking away from the deeper functions of the app. A large variety of Bible translations and other books are all cleanly categorized, and allow for ease of reference, so that users can enjoy convenience of Bible study on the go.

Key Functions 8/10

The JW Library app brings translations of the Bible, brochures, and other related books to your smart phone for ease of reference, and the convenience of Bible study no matter where you are. Users can choose which specific translations of the Bible they wish to view, and they can also compare multiple versions of a specific Bible verse with a simple tap on the numbered verse in the app. Users can also get access to any additional material by clicking on the reference or footnote and this content will appear for reference as you read.

Navigation on the JW Library app is simple, users can simple side swipe in any direction to find most current versions of a written work. Users can bookmark any chapter or verse in order to resume their place in the reading quickly. You can also browse your history section to view all of the content you had previously read and wish to go back to. The intuitive search function allows you to find a specific word or phrase anywhere in the current material you are reading. The JW Library app will soon have options to highlight portions of the book for ease of reference at a later time. 

Usability 9/10

The JW Library is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with all of the books and Bible translations easily accessible from the main page. The books are neatly organized for a digital library that is easy to reference from anywhere you are. Search functions make it easy to find particular sections or phrases in any work to refer back to later.

Cross-Platform Use 7/10

The JW Library supports use with Android, iOS, and Windows OS for use on your smartphone, tablet or PC on the go.

The Verdict

The JW Library app is a convenient software and library database of all the necessary texts and translations for Bible study in one handy app. It is a helpful app for users to get access to Bible readings and more from their smart phone device no matter where they are. The readings are all laid out in concise and categorized order to make for quick and easy reference.


  • Large database of biblical texts, translations, related books and brochures
  • User-friendly and well-organized library of essential texts
  • Some options and titles are available for offline reading. 


  • Some bugs have been experienced on start up.
Interface and Design 7
Key Functions 8
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 7