List of Top Siri Alternatives Worth Trying

Since being released Siri has been a mainstay in the technology news. However for the majority, Apple’s Siri Assistant was only officially supported on the new iPhone 4S – leaving some iPad, iPod touch and users of older iPhones feeling a little underhanded.

A week ago we posted about new AssistantConnect Cydia Tweak that can help you in such situation. It lets you easily share Siri on iPad or iPhone earlier model. So we desided to compile a list of the top Siri alternatives, permitting you to enjoy a Siri-like experience whether you have iPad 2 or an iPhone apart from the 4S.


This one of the personified Siri alternatives is very similar to the real deal, it purports to offer a lot more than the fruit company’s version. After extensive testing, it is a great solution, but the response times are sluggish at best. Furthermore, Siri works through the trustworthy Apple servers, whereas Sara features its own ideas on where data passes though.

A really good Siri alternative, you can read more about it in SaraDictation Cydia Tweak post.


Evi is one more Siri alternative that takes a slightly different approach to answering the questions you ask. In fact, one could say that Evi Assistant is more like a voice optimized version of Google web search. Evi specializes in finding answers to the questions you ask it (even complicated ones) and will not send text messages, make phone calls etc. Evi uses the same Nuance voice recognition technology as Siri does, which makes Evi extremely reliable in understanding your commands.


An initialism of Experimental Speech Response Application, ESRA as one of the Siri alternatives is free for all iOS devices. Experimental does give the game away somewhat, but we reckon ESRA is something of an unpolished gem. It’s still in a developmental stage, but already looks promising.

To get started with ESRA, search for it in Cydia – provided you have the BigBoss repository in your source list. If you’re unsure as to what the BigBoss repo is, then you more than likely have it, since it’s a default source on any jailbroken device.

So before getting Siri on iPad or iPhone latest model you may think of such great Siri alternatives for your older iOS devices.

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