Mario Kart Game for iPad has a Clone

Oh my goodness! There’s no doubt that we all love Mario Kart game for iPad, and we grew up with it in a number of different incarnations, that’s why this is really frustrating.

For those who don’t know, Mario Kart game for iPad is the best thing for entertainment and having a great time! The game is rather addicting and grabs lots of your free time, as it’s impossible to stop playing. So, it was not a surprise that someone decided to create a clone of Mario Kart game for iPad.

Mole Kart that can be downloaded from the App Store, is actually what can best be described as a copy of Mario Kart game for iPad. That is, it is pretty much Mario Kart game for iPad, but it doesn’t have buttery smooth animated graphics and Nintendo style. Actually, we don’t say that Mole Kart is similar in that it also has karts racing around tracks.

Mole Kart and Mario Kart game for iPad are practically the same. If you’ve played the Wii version of this amazing game then you will already know all the tracks included in this clone.

It is that much of plagiarism…

As a matter of fact, it is a bad idea to create a clone of the popular game, that’s why we expect that the clone of Mario Kart game for iPad will soon get pulled by Apple. If you try Mole Kart, you will understand why. The animations are exactly the same as in the original Mario Kart game for iPad, however they are not as good.

Mole Kart includes a number of different tracks to race on, and the rest you can buy as an in-app purchase. This game is available for $2.99.

As for me, this game is not worth of 3 dollars, but if you like collecting short-living applications, then you can get this one.

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