MoneyLine: Sports Pick'Em Game

MoneyLine: Sports Pick'Em Game review

MoneyLine - Sports Pick 'Em is a betting application that allows you to place bets and earn money. However, you do not need to spend real money here. If you get enough points, the application will provide you with your money. You can download MoneyLine - Sports Pick 'Em for the iOS platform. The application has been downloaded more than 1 thousand times.

Functionality 4/5

After you start the application, you will see a few pages at the bottom of the screen. The main page is called “Home”. There you will be able to make your picks. You will see a lot of different sport matches there. MoneyLine - Sports Pick 'Em allows you to select the sport you like, look through the list of matches, and then pick a team that most likely is going to win. Your mission is to get as many points as you can. You can look through football matches, baseball matches, basketball matches, hockey & rugby matches, etc.

After you get a certain number of points, you get the money. However, if you made the wrong pick, you lose the progress. You can also purchase chips in the “Chips” section. They allow you to use power-ups that can help you to not lose your streak or get more money.

Design 4/5

MoneyLine - Sports Pick 'Em design is simple and pretty common for the application of such a genre. All the pages are located at the bottom of the screen. You can see the main information about matches above the list of pages. The app also shows you your streak. MoneyLine - Sports Pick 'Em uses bright colors of interface.

Usability 3/5

The application provides users with free money. However, some users say that they cannot withdraw the winnings. Developers assure us that they have fixed this issue in the latest update. The other disadvantage is that the matches get canceled sometimes. It also takes a long time for the application to show you the final result.

Cross-platform use 2/5

Unfortunately, you can download MoneyLine - Sports Pick 'Em only for iOS platform. There is no MoneyLine - Sports Pick 'Em version for Android users. You can also visit the official MoneyLine - Sports Pick 'Em website in order to see more information about the app.

In-app purchases

You can download MoneyLine - Sports Pick 'Em for free. But there are a lot of advertisements. You can purchase the full version of the app in order to remove all the ads. Users can also purchase “Chips” with the help of real money.

The Bottom Line

MoneyLine - Sports Pick 'Em is a nice application that allows users to make picks and win money. But if you place a pick incorrectly, you will lose your streak. The application has a straightforward interface, which makes it easy to use it.


We recommend you to download MoneyLine - Sports Pick 'Em especially if you are looking for an application that can help you to earn money. Thank you for reading this MoneyLine - Sports Pick 'Em review.


  • Easy to use
  • Free to download
  • You can earn free money


  • You will see some ads while using the app
  • No Android version
  • Takes some time to see the result of the match
Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 9
Usability 3
Cross-platform use 6