New iPad Illustrated iBooks for Kids

Welcome to a wonderful world of adventures that is described in illustrated iPad books for children developed by Ridili.

If your family speaks many languages or if you want your child to learn one more language, there are interesting story apps for you. You can choose among four languages (German, English, Russian, Spanish), which let kids watch, listen and play each of the interactive Ridi picture books.

Stories are read by native speaking professional audiobook narrator. After hearing the stories, kids have time to find different sounds and hidden character movement. All of the stories are finely illustrated and are fun to play.

Here is a short description of each iPad iBook.

The Plum Rhyme is a free well-known counting rhyme that is presented here in a new form with amusing interactive elements.

This fanciful children’s story is available in four languages. It is recited by native speaking narrators and interactively arranged. This short story represents what Ridili’s children’s books (eBooks) are all about and why Ridi apps are so popular among kids.

Elliot and Rocco ($2.99) is a book that tells about a small dachshund called Elliot. He finds a great tasty bone, but Rocco, the dull giant schnauzer, takes it away. You have to find out what avarice brings and who gets the bone in the end when you finish reading the story about two dogs. Thank goodness the stronger one doesn’t always win.

Noodle princess iBook

Noodle Princess ($2.99) is an interesting tale about a little girl who loves spaghetti. Whoever can eat the most noodles at a noodle eating contest wins the crown of Macaronia. Find out how she became the noodle princess and what she did to stay in Pasta Palace forever. With the help of this book children can learn about nourishment in a playful way. This lovingly illustrated children’s story is furnished with abundant animation.

Paul’s Bread ($2.99) is another book, which tells about Paul’s mother cutting off his dream by sending her boy to the bakery. Little Paul finds out that he can escape from the daily routine and experience completely crazy adventures. Paul gets not only his baguette, but also an interesting flying adventure too. This is a fantastic story for kids. It has many interactive elements.

All four Ridi books are available on the App Store for your iPad now. Two more stories (The Cherry Tree and Elefant’s Backlight) are coming soon.

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