Night Stand Social Reader app for IPad, much more than a clock

Night Stand is one of a suite of apps by the alarm clock company that turns your iPad into a social media clock. Ok so you already have a clock on your iPad with a perfectly acceptable alarm so why consider paying for a stand alone app. For starters it’s a large alarm clock with appealing video and static backgrounds, but your going to probably want to change this to one from your own image library. It can present you with your favourite information as soon as you wake up or sit at your desktop as a constant feed reader. If your the sort of person who’s last act before going to bed is to put your iPad down and need to be up at dawn to find out what’s happening in Facebook or Twitter then this app will serve you well. It even plays your music from your iTunes library if you want a bit of Metallica to wake you in the morning. A classy function is the sleep mode which can play set songs in your iTunes library for a specified time with options to dim down the screen perhaps best for ambient background music.

Load up the app and it automatically picks what it thinks is your location which in my case came up as a rough area of town so that was the first thing to change. With this information it gives you a full five day forecast in the last of the four tabs at the bottom displaying current information in the main screen. The other three tabs are where you personalise the experience. Add in your Twitter feed, Facebook feed and your good to go. If you have a google reader account you can add this in. It does present itself as an RSS reader but only appears to offer google reader as the chosen aggregator. This may not be everyones choice but a useful feature none the less. All three social tabs allow you to easily keep up with the latest information and you can even post responses in both twitter and Facebook. It would useful to be able to navigate effectively through Facebook rather than seeing the full feed.

One thing to consider and this goes for any iPad clock app is that you need a good quality stand to go with it. I’m not convinced an iPad smart cover on your iPad 2 in display orientation will cover it (excuse the pun). You need something more robust to avoid knocking it off your bed side table and cracking the screen (as I’ve found to my cost). So always ensure you have a safe position and location since this app has a snooze mode!

The app is visually appealing if lacking of search when looking at social functions. If you have need a nightstand app this could be the one for you or if you live in England like me and just have an obsession with the weather it may also prove useful 🙂

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