Opera Mini - fast web browser

Opera Mini - fast web browser review

Opera Mini is an app that provides you with all the standard PC Opera functions, as well as adds a bit more to them. 
Comfortable and low-sized, the application suits both iOS and Android users. With its stylish and simplistic design, high-quality resolution, and low REM-consumption, the app is an excellent complement to your Internet browsing.

Interface and Design — 9/10

The design doesn’t stand out with its abundances of colors or textures, but rather impresses with its minimalism and style. You switch the interface from light to dark or allow the app to do it, depending on the lightning.

The application brings the best of its desktop browser interior to your smartphone. It’s got a very comfortable search menu right at the top, which allows the user to input keywords manually or with a voice command.

With the main screen designed for bookmarks, the tab will always show your last searched inquiries, as well as provide your favorite websites. Slightly above the bookmarks is the download log where you can review all your downloaded files sorted by time, modifications, and file types.

Key Functions — 9/10

Preserving the best standard browser features, you can enjoy your Internet use without interruptions, thanks to the data back-up. It guarantees that your cash and data aren’t lost even if your phone shuts down suddenly.

Apart from this, the app has a blocker for advertisement built by default. Now, any spamming and annoying ads are jammed down and hidden from the main screen. This also is relevant for downloads since they are hidden away in a compact download menu. Even if you’re getting a few large-sized files downloaded to your smartphone, your Internet connection speed isn’t bothered a bit.

Usability — 9/10

Opera Mini is a subscription and authorization-free application for fast and easy browsing. Install the app to your phone without registrations or compulsory agreement signing.

Also, you can watch live and recorded videos at the highest speed your Internet provider can offer since the app doesn’t cash any additional files without you being aware of it.

To make it as comfortable as possible, you can customize the design, as well as notifications, colors, and sounds via entering the menu. In addition, a customizable news feed is also an option where you can set the websites you want to suggest relevant information daily just as you open the app.

Switch to night mode for safer browsing. Or save interesting websites for reading later off the Internet.

Cross-Platform Use — 8/10

The app is great for synchronizing with other web-browsers to transfer your personal information. You can add your Gmail or Microsoft accounts to the main interface to receive notifications right away.

The Verdict

We consider obtaining Opera Mini a nice substitution for old, out-of-date browsers that may lack in style, functionality, or comfortability. By synchronizing your Opera with other apps, you can get a completely renewed user experience to improve your phone’s performance.


  • Light and doesn’t require much chasing
  • Customizable design
  • Perfectly compatible with other browsers.


  • Somewhat buggy.
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 9
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 8