Safari Browser for iPad: Features and How-to-Use Guide

We bet there is hardly anyone who does not know what an iPad is though it came to the market not so long ago. Apple Company made sure the tablet was complemented with lots of useful and effective features and functions. The one we would like to highlight is the iPad Safari Browser it is designed to better your browsing the Internet.

Safari serves as a primary web browser in the iPad and it appears to provide the quickest, easiest and the most stable access to the Internet.

Viewing Websites and Pages

Finger tips are all the iPad users of the Safari browser need to access the Internet. One can view a page or pages (as several page viewing is available for the users’ convenience) in the landscape mode or portrait mode depending on the personal aims and preferences...

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Printing from iPad Wirelessly using AirPrint

Printing from your iPad was a dream until AirPrint came in iOS 5 excluding some expensive apps that involved setting up your computer to act as a wireless network print server. Those days are gone but it’s still not straight forward to print from your iPad. So what printer do you buy that will be compatible with AirPrint. Its not my job to tell you which is going to be the best AirPrint enabled printer but to point you in the right direction when choosing your printer.

There is a list kept up to date by Apple on all of the AirPrint enabled printers. Its not easy to find but after some trawling of forums here is the current list of AirPrint enabled printers. If you have recently bought a printer then check the list otherwise use it before you make your purchase...

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Safari Books Online Launches ‘Safari to Go’ for iPad for Free

Safari Books Online has announced the launch of Safari to Go, a free application that will make possible browsing and reading Safari Books online.

Safari Books Online is the leading internet library for business professionals, digital media, and digital library for technology. It offers wide choices of information for research. It also offers access to training videos and books from big and well-known publishers. There’s also more: once the app is downloaded from iTunes, the users will be able to view the content of the site, offline.

Since Safari Books Online is already available for the Android smartphones, iPod touch, iPhone, and Blackberry, Safari to Go was created to add feature that can take advantage of the drag and drop functions and pinch-to-zoom capabilities of the iPad.

The la...

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X-Plane 9 for iPad

X-Plane 9 for iPad is a flight simulator offering 22 different locations to choose from. The quality of the graphics is far better than its iPhone equivilant, there are more buildings a longer field of vision and many more aircraft, so many in fact I gave up counting after 40. It’s not limited to flying around though, there are modern fighters and classic warbirds ready for dogfighting. You can even land a NASA Space Shuttle from Orbit. Other variants include Gliders, Helicopters, Seaplanes and rocket powered x-planes. The best plane for your first flight will be the Cessna 172 since you can get basic instructions on take off including, power and flap settings. This gives you the basics that transfer on to most other aircraft except undercarriage...

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Night Stand Social Reader app for IPad, much more than a clock

Night Stand is one of a suite of apps by the alarm clock company that turns your iPad into a social media clock. Ok so you already have a clock on your iPad with a perfectly acceptable alarm so why consider paying for a stand alone app. For starters it’s a large alarm clock with appealing video and static backgrounds, but your going to probably want to change this to one from your own image library. It can present you with your favourite information as soon as you wake up or sit at your desktop as a constant feed reader. If your the sort of person who’s last act before going to bed is to put your iPad down and need to be up at dawn to find out what’s happening in Facebook or Twitter then this app will serve you well...

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New iPad Illustrated iBooks for Kids

Welcome to a wonderful world of adventures that is described in illustrated iPad books for children developed by Ridili.

If your family speaks many languages or if you want your child to learn one more language, there are interesting story apps for you. You can choose among four languages (German, English, Russian, Spanish), which let kids watch, listen and play each of the interactive Ridi picture books.

Stories are read by native speaking professional audiobook narrator. After hearing the stories, kids have time to find different sounds and hidden character movement. All of the stories are finely illustrated and are fun to play.

Here is a short description of each iPad iBook.

The Plum Rhyme is a free well-known counting rhyme that is presented here in a new form with amusing interactive ...

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Zen Pinball for iPad Free and Multiplayer Game

Zen Pinball for IPad is a single or multiplayer game played from a single iPad. In multiplayer mode upto 4 players can take consecutive turns. Unlike other pinball games, Zen pinball offers a highly immersive experience which includes a variety of small task-based games to complete instead of just knocking the pinball about for points. Downloading this as a free app gives you pinball game board ‘The Sorcerers Lair” but in-app purchases allow you to purchase further games principally Marvel Comic boards.

Loading up the game you are given the option for single or ‘hotseat’ (multiplayer mode) where you can choose either two three or four players per game. Once you’re into the main game screen you see the pinball table which can either be viewed in landscape or portrait mode...

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Wunderlist, the best free task manager app for iPad, iPhone & on Mac

If your looking to Improve your productivity and organise your time then you’ve probably looked at a variety of task management apps to keep your on track. Finding one that is simple elegant and functional to use on a daily basis is often difficult and personally I get bored of them fairly quickly , well until the came along. Wunderlist is a free task manager app for the iPad, iPhone and Mac. The thing that sets it apart is the ability to sync information across platforms. The key to any good task management system is to ensure that you can access your tasks when and where you need them on the move and on the fly so the ability for an information to be updated on all your devices as soon as you create It is exactly what this offers...

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WordPress for iPad app review

The iPad app for WordPress offers users of the popular blogging software an easy way to create blog articles on the move but more than that you can edit existing articles and update then in seconds. It works with both blogs and self hosted blogs.

The WordPress iPad app first run
After downloading and launching the app the first thing your presented with is a screen showing you which type of WordPress blog to choose from. If your new to blogging you can setup a new blog here. For most people it will be a case of choosing the options for your existing blog. When testing this I choose the self hosted option.
iPad WordPress app opening screen

Tip for using the app with self hosted blogs
Here’s a tip you will need to load up WordPress in your browser first, log in as...

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Textastic the text source code editor with FTP for iPad

At present there aren’t a whole load of source code editors on the iPad but one that is worth considering is Textastic. It’s part source code editor part FTP client (also supporting WebDAV sFTP, iDisk and of course Dropbox access). So it’s a good fit for people who like to edit websites on the move, it even has code hinting for object orientated languages like C++ but for most people it’s going to be CSS, Php and JavaScript and SQL which is going to make it a worthwhile download.

Load the app up and you get a fairly plain to column layout the left hand column offers a file list whilst the bigger right hand side is your editing area conveniently including line numbering. It’s not cluttered with code short cuts or options just a straight forward set of top and bottom toolbar options...

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