Parkmobile - Easy paid parking

Parkmobile - Easy paid parking review

Parkmobile is a cutting-edge application for amateur and professional drivers who struggle with finding an available parking lot. If you are looking for a better, more convenient way to pull over and leave your car, then check out this app! Used by over 16 million people all over the state, the app is here to revolutionize parking and prevent traffic congestions.

Interface and Design — 10/10

The app offers you a real-time map of your current location using your geolocation. Marking available parking lots with green pins, it’s easy to find a place nearest to you. Also, it’s possible to see in advance locations by typing in the zip-code in the field above your current map. Each click on a green pin sends you to the place’s information hub. There, you can find the most relevant info about your desired parking lot.

It’s easy to switch between maps and activity logs since the latter is located right underneath.

Key Functions — 9/10

Parkmobile combines an interacting map of the most popular parking lots and general information about them. Here, it’s easy to see if a certain spot is already taken by another app user. To get to an available lot, all you need to do is press ‘Directions’ to receive a perfectly calibrated navigating map.

Also, you can find the time available for parting in a designated area. By setting your arrival time, the app will calculate the precise time frame before a new charging period begins.

In the very app, it’s possible to pay in advance for your parking lot, which makes it unavailable for other app users. Upon reserving, you can add a spot to your favorites to save time looking for it the next time you will need parking.

Usability — 9/10

The app allows you to monitor available parking lots in most big-city areas, like New York, Chicago, Seattle, LA, etc. To assure a personalized experience, it’s advised to create your own profile that the app will use to simulate the best parking conditions for your car. It will consider the price, location, and time set for your current and future travels.

Designate your car model and brand to allow the application to reserve a spot just for you. Also, you can pay upfront without having to spend precious time upon your arrival.

Cross-Platform Use — 7/10

Since the app is meant for a large range of users, it offers a solid array of payment choices. Starting with basic credit/debit options, you can always conduct payment via PayPal or other online money wallets.

The Verdict

Yes, the application is not perfect, but it’s a great start. We believe that such advances will allow users to digitize commuting and road trips without causing traffic congestions. Applications like ParkMobile are here to modernize the way we think and use our vehicles.


  • Free registration
  • Interactive map with available spots
  • Review and feedback features.


  • Efficiency depends on the user number
  • Minor bugs.
Interface and Design 10
Key Functions 9
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 7