Printing from iPad Wirelessly using AirPrint

Printing from your iPad was a dream until AirPrint came in iOS 5 excluding some expensive apps that involved setting up your computer to act as a wireless network print server. Those days are gone but it’s still not straight forward to print from your iPad. So what printer do you buy that will be compatible with AirPrint. Its not my job to tell you which is going to be the best AirPrint enabled printer but to point you in the right direction when choosing your printer.

There is a list kept up to date by Apple on all of the AirPrint enabled printers. Its not easy to find but after some trawling of forums here is the current list of AirPrint enabled printers. If you have recently bought a printer then check the list otherwise use it before you make your purchase. I have an HP DeskJet 3070A which isn’t exactly cutting edge but is AirPrint enabled. Setting it up involved the usual plugging into a USB port and going through HP’s Wireless setup. This was straight forward and it was ready to go.

AirPrint works via WiFi so when your in the app you want to print from its a case of selecting the drop down for example take the Adobe Reader app below in the image below. Clicking the icon that looks like a square with an arrow going out to the right will access the list of options. Simple choose print and your AirPrint enabled printer should be found virtually instantaneously.

Not all Apps are AirPrint enabled, it’s worth checking the descriptions before downloading but it’s becoming increasingly more common to see options to print from iPad in your apps. Very soon I’ll be testing some apps that allow you to print from networking connected printers in an effort to provide the clearest information on how to print from an iPad.

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