Safari Browser for iPad: Features and How-to-Use Guide

We bet there is hardly anyone who does not know what an iPad is though it came to the market not so long ago. Apple Company made sure the tablet was complemented with lots of useful and effective features and functions. The one we would like to highlight is the iPad Safari Browser it is designed to better your browsing the Internet.

Safari serves as a primary web browser in the iPad and it appears to provide the quickest, easiest and the most stable access to the Internet.

Viewing Websites and Pages

Finger tips are all the iPad users of the Safari browser need to access the Internet. One can view a page or pages (as several page viewing is available for the users’ convenience) in the landscape mode or portrait mode depending on the personal aims and preferences. Working with any of these modes will be a sheer pleasure due to the rich and bright colours of the iPad screen. Check out another interesting and convenient thing if you perform a landscape rotation on your tablet then the page will do absolutely the same and the display will automatically change to adjust to the screen position.

Text Views You Can Read In

The iPad has probably more potential than other devices for reading one can read both in portrait and landscape modes. The size of the screen lets you avoid straining the eyes and read on-the-run no matter where you are.

Browse the Web with your finger tips

Apple’s iPad makes use of the embedded touch screen in such a way that you can surf the web with touching, tapping and swiping the screen this kind of navigation is not only faster but also easier. Thus you directly interact with the tablet with your finger tips to have it carry out what you need.

Safari browser allows you to do the scrolling by dragging the page up and down as the browser hides the scroll bars. You can scroll vertically and horizontally. To make sure you managed to see the contents of the page properly tap it twice and enlarge it. All the manipulations are easily performed by fingers.

Link visiting was given some hard thinking to by Apple. Now you can choose between visiting a certain link or not after you have seen the whole link and know where it will lead you. Just press and hold the anchored text of the link you would like to follow and Safari browser will kindly prompt the URL as it is.

We cannot but mention the thumbnail view which displays all the open pages in a grid for you to easier open and view them.

Fast Browsing

Due to the Wi-Fi Internet connection and technological potential of the iPad Safari browser will let you instantly access pages and websites wherever you are.

What is more the iPad Safari Browser supports audio and video changing novelties of the Internet in HTML5 format. The whole multimedia experience with audio and video is thrilling. Navigating videos is as simple as you possibly can imagine touch screen capability will require only tapping the file and playing it. Needless to say, you can watch videos in full screen if you wish to.

After you have decided on your favourites you can bookmark them with your fingers. It is possible to add bookmarks right from the iPad tablet or sync them with Mac and PC computers.

You will find it really helpful to search with Yahoo and Google built in your iPad. Printing text and filling up URL entries can be easily done with a large onscreen keyboard provided.

Here are some more useful tips and tricks of the Safari browser that might save you time and efforts:

Page down: try double-tapping the bottom of the screen with no links and thus go down.

Go to Top: To move to the top of the page tap the screen below the time.

Zoom: Pinch the screen with your thumb and forefinger: pull it apart or squeeze for zooming in and out.

Contractions for typing: To save time (to fit the stylistic purposes) by having contractions filled in automatically you should repeat the last letter once again and the browser will suggest the contracted form of the word: welll we’ll, weree we’re, etc.

Switching the keyboard: Touch and press the spacebar from the .123 keyboard and you will go back to the alpha keyboard.

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