Fortnite review

Fortnite is an immersive world of constant confrontations, glorious crusades, and endless opportunities. Most appreciated by players who like freedom and non-linear plots, the game offers a large array of player interactions, game modes, Easter eggs, and good old fun. Bring a whole new dimension of fascinating and vivid experiences to your smartphone.

Graphics — 10/10

Just like its PC version, Fortnite for smartphones doesn’t lack quality and graphics. A well-contrived world of astonishing landscapes, realistic cities, abandoned ruins, and so much more encourages you to plunge into it obliviously.

Though they might seem a bit cartoon-like, the graphics are designed specifically to spur this easy-going feeling. Each character is a unique compilation of style and creativity. With well-drawn face and body features, you get a chance to feel in the skin of your own character and lose yourself there.

Moreover, colorful and bright sceneries, as well as mutable weather, add realism to your routine looting and shooting.

Sound — 9/10

To accompany the graphics, the in-game music is composed to be compatible with the surroundings and specific situations. As you’re crafting tools or gathering materials in the wild, the music will make you relax and enjoy every last bit of it. Supported by a whole array of ambient sounds, nature around you begins to breathe with calmness and tranquility.

However, it all changes rapidly when you step onto a looting and killing track. Accompanied by energized, lively music with slight hardcore notes, you will feel the urge to be the last one standing.

Gameplay — 10/10

The game revolts around a single goal, which is to survive. Starting with nothing in your backpack, you begin to collect resources and weapons to defend yourself against other players. Contrastingly, not only can other human-controlled characters be dangerous but also animals lurking in the shadows.

Apart from shooting down enemies who are eager to get a grip on your provision, you’re going to withstand nature’s whims. As the game escalates, there is a tempest going your way that slows bites off bits of available discovery land. To protect yourself from the storm, you’re going to need to erect buildings with your resources. The higher, the better.

Lasting Appeal — 9/10

Based on multiplayer, the game is always refreshed by hundreds of new and old players. As the game expands its popularity around Europe and North America, there are always green and experienced players to compete against. Moreover, the game becomes even more attractive with each update that the developers make more and more user-friendly.

The Verdict

We love Fortnite. In fact, everybody does. With its impeccable and liberating gameplay, the game doesn’t start dragging at any point. On the other hand, the more in-game experience you get, the more opportunities you see for development, cooperation, and simply having fun with lots of hidden features.


  • Non-linear plot
  • Constantly updating multiplayer
  • Awesome character-building
  • Great graphics.


  • High ping
  • Demanding system requirements.
Graphics 9
Sound 9
Gameplay 10
Lasting Appeal 10