Wunderlist, the best free task manager app for iPad, iPhone & on Mac

If your looking to Improve your productivity and organise your time then you’ve probably looked at a variety of task management apps to keep your on track. Finding one that is simple elegant and functional to use on a daily basis is often difficult and personally I get bored of them fairly quickly , well until the came along. Wunderlist is a free task manager app for the iPad, iPhone and Mac. The thing that sets it apart is the ability to sync information across platforms. The key to any good task management system is to ensure that you can access your tasks when and where you need them on the move and on the fly so the ability for an information to be updated on all your devices as soon as you create It is exactly what this offers. But what happens if your iPhone, iPad and mac all go down at once, well you can still email tasks in and receive reminders via email.

So let’s take a look at the iPad version (since this is an iPad related site). You need to start by creating an account with Wunderlist this is critical for syncing the data and ensuring you receive email reminders for outstanding tasks. The interface is a simple 2 pane approach as is common with most productivity and utility apps nowadays. The smaller left hand column allows you to separate your tasks into projects if you wish and gives you various filter options to play with such as finding the next few days worth of tasks. It’s all about the ease of accessing your information and it works quite well without being too cluttered.

Tasks are added in the right hand pane or the only pane in portrait mode. Just type in the box and click done on the keyboard and you have a basic task that pops below in list form. If its important you can star it making it easily searchable under the filter options. Click on the right hand side of a task and you a menu comes up with more specific options like date due, which project to place it in etc. once the task is complete simply check the box and your done.

If your looking for a simple, quick to use task manager that transfers your tasks across platforms, you could do far worse than Wunderlist. If your looking for a project management tool it’s not going to fulfill enough functions for that but as a personal day to day task manager this is certainly the best task manager on the iPad I have had the pleasure to use.

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