Zen Pinball for iPad Free and Multiplayer Game

Zen Pinball for IPad is a single or multiplayer game played from a single iPad. In multiplayer mode upto 4 players can take consecutive turns. Unlike other pinball games, Zen pinball offers a highly immersive experience which includes a variety of small task-based games to complete instead of just knocking the pinball about for points. Downloading this as a free app gives you pinball game board ‘The Sorcerers Lair” but in-app purchases allow you to purchase further games principally Marvel Comic boards.

Loading up the game you are given the option for single or ‘hotseat’ (multiplayer mode) where you can choose either two three or four players per game. Once you’re into the main game screen you see the pinball table which can either be viewed in landscape or portrait mode. Personally, the landscape mode worked fine for me since it made it easier to tap your thumbscrew activate each side paddle. You have four paddles including the main bottom two as you would expect and a second on each side positioned strategically for more complex shots. Launching the ball is fairly intuitive holding and pulling back the pinger in order will get the ball launched. There’s no need to launch it all the way since it can fall in from lower than full power through a trap door. Controls are responsive and intuitive making it easy to start playing comfortably as soon as you have downloaded it.

The graphics are pretty amazing, a really high and colorful standard and since this is a game rather than real pinball you get animated ghosts including your guide “Whisper”, trees sour errors and other elements that make the experience more interesting. Parts of the board popup after completing certain tasks allowing you to hit your ball down a hole to launch the mini-games. That said there are mini-games on the board itself such as hitting ghosts and going through a wormhole like doors. Putting it simply there is enough to keep you occupied and to keep it addictive. Scoring is high and its not too hard to get into many millions, this adds to the addictive gameplay.

If you are looking for a well made free iPad game which offers multiplayer gaming as well then it’s worth downloading. Every part of it is well made and if you want to buy more levels to continue the enjoyment, the options there.

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