ZOOM Cloud Meetings

ZOOM Cloud Meetings review

Zoom is an app for moving your workspace home without having to leave your house. The program is perfect for people who have too much on their plate, and sometimes it’s impossible to be in two places at the same time. By utilizing Zoom features on your Android or iPhone, you always have a chance to attend important meetings.

Interface and Design — 9/10

Created for simplicity and effortless use, the interface fits nicely into any cell phone screen. When video-calling your colleagues or family, the screen is divided into smaller rectangular video boxes for each participant. You can move from one person to another for a better look at them as they speak or have an overview of all the people at the same time.

Otherwise, the app offers comfortable designs for texting tabs and sharing multimedia files.

Key Functions — 9/10

The app is meant for creating conference rooms that accommodate up to a hundred participants. Each of them receives their own place on your screen that can alter as the conference carries on.

Apart from this, each video-call is equipped with an in-app chat room where you can share files and spread essential for meeting information. Not only does it allow you to send pictures and PDF files, but it also has a nice voice recording feature. Moreover, you can activate screen mirroring to share it with other people in your office for more at-hand communication.

Don’t forget to add people to your in-app account contact list. This way, you’re always able to gather all the participants you need within minutes. On their contact profile, it’s possible to add more information about their position, department, location, etc.

Usability — 10/10

To utilize the app to its highest capacity, it’s preferable to create a personal account so that the app saves your most important info for the future. While setting up a meeting room, you can designate the beginning and end times, time frame, locations, etc.

When everything is set, send the invitation code that comes with your room number to all the expected participants.

Inside your conference room, it’s easy to moderate the meeting by muting background noises and inactive participants or highlighting the ones expected to present. Also, use the in-app chat to share information before initiating a video-call to keep your colleagues updated, as well as present information while conversing.

Cross-Platform Use — 8/10

The app gives you stable access to your iCloud, DropBox, and other back-up platforms, from where you can easily send files. Also, you can email people meeting time information, as well as invitation codes without having to leave your app.

It’s perfectly compatible with both Android and iPhone operational systems. Also, Zoom works efficiently on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

The Verdict

To make your work process more effective and less demanding, you can use Zoom to bring comfort to your colleagues. The app doesn’t care about the time or place and will prove most useful when connecting dozens of people. No glitches or bugs are likely to interrupt your meeting even at the highest volume possible.


  • Can accommodate up to 100 people
  • Free-of-charge limited version
  • In-app chat and media sharing.


  • Limited time for the free version
  • Weak moderation authority.
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 9
Usability 10
Cross-platform use 8